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For most of us, "church shopping" can be a slow, weary, and sometimes unpleasant effort. Trying to find a church that meets our needs, with a pastor that preaches in a style we prefer, with the doctrine we believe, and a good geographic location, can often be burdensome to the point of defeat. For inmates being released into our communities, it can prove fatal to the health of their walk. How are these former inmates to know where they can find a church in their neighborhood that wants them? How are pastors to know about well-discipled ex-inmates who are passionate about their walk for the Lord?

Now, with a single weekly meeting called THE BRIDGE, Mission:USA is bringing everything together. We're bridging that gap, and giving these men and women a wide variety of options, creating a new community to replace their previous relationships in the gangs, and on the prison decks.

Where: Bethel Lutheran Church
130 N Keeler
Chicago, IL 60624
(Near Pulaski and Madison)

When: Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Parking: Check with a staff member upon arrival at church!

For Help Call: 773-398-0402

How to get there: On 290- Exit Independence, go north to Washington, west on Madison, north on Pulaski, and west on West End