What We Do

Mission:USA is a nonprofit nondenominational Christian missionary organization that shows inmates and gang members on the streets how much the Lord loves them and how He can help them change to live a life outside of crime.

Mission:USA walks step by step beside these individuals with a troubled past, providing a combination of counseling, education, housing, and job information, clothing, and most importantly, a relationship with God that gives them the strength to make the dramatic change in their lives.

Mission:USA uses a small, highly skilled staff to lead the intensive program. Our strategy is based on multiplication--teaching former inmates and gang members who have succeeded how to help others through the transition process. This technique has proven effective, because it provides a comfortable and culturally appropriate environment for newcomers.

Mission:USA ministers to young men and women inside the jails and on the streets after they are released. We are one of very few programs in the nation that can legitimately claim to do so.

Mission:USA also provides training and encouragement to churches and para-church organizations looking to use Mission:USA strategies in their own ministries. Click here to learn more.

Our program utilizes large group meetings and one-on-one counseling. Many of our initial contacts are made with gang members in prison who want to change their lives, but don't have any idea how to do it. We minister to them through visits, phone calls, and letters.

Our ministry techniques have proven successful and Mission:USA has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Click here to go to our Press Coverage section.

About Us